My hoop!  Gonna have some fun times with it. #hooping
Red buds!
Dogwood flowers 
C’Mon lady, the bus isn’t a fucking lounge room. It ain’t your fucking couch!
Disc golf, so much fun, yet so dangerous….
Out of the 28 Christmases I have so far celebrated, this is by far my favorite gift.
More of Whitetail
At the top of Whitetail resort
Mine and Noel’s “first Christmas tree!”
Used my bb cream this morning.  Love this stuff!  Blemishes are all covered up. #BBYOU (Taken with Instagram)
Traded in my vff kso’s for the spyridon!  Love the treads, can’t wait for my afternoon trail run tomorrow.  (Taken with Instagram)
Curlbox samples are in!  Yay, I even got 2 full size products. (Taken with Instagram)